Videos | 2014

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General Interest Programs

New Canaan NCTV 79 Promo .

Real Estate Symposium
Non Profits
Under the Helmet
NCCF Annual Meeting
The Art of Botanical Illustration
The William Attwood Memorial Lecture
SMC with Rob Mallozzi
Historical Society 3-22-12 - James Bach
"New Canaan Men at War"
Senior Mens Club Lecture by Dr Paul Strassmann
NCCF Luncheon
2012 Gridiron-Leo Karl
GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt
2012 Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony
Salant Lecture 11-6-11
Gov. Malloy's address to the Senior Men's Club of NC
9-11 Memorial Ceremony
American Songs of Faith and Hope
2012 NCHS Old-Timers Association Awards Program
"The Season of '42" with Jack Cavanaugh at the SMC
Veterans Day 2012
The Nutcracker 2012
The Alliance of Business Professionals
Stars of Summer Theater and Broadway
Pro Arte Christmas Concert
The SMC presents David M. Walker
CT Office of Healthcare Advocate
Handel's "Messiah" 2012
Lee Gardens by NC Beaut. League
Fabulous Floral Arrangements by the Beautfication League
John Johanson, Last of the Harvard Five
LWV presents "The School of Tomorrow Today"
Paul Strassman "We Fought Back"
Organic Vegetable Gardening
NCHS Disney Gala
SMC - First Selectman Mallozzi
New Canaan Inn "Stagedoor Canteen"
Gridiron 2013 Jim Cole
Memorial Day 2013
New Canaan's Oldest House
Tele-health Technology
Silvermine Art Center ArtsFest 2013
Darien Public Hearing on Syria
SMC Tunney
2013 Old Timers Honoree Ceremony
Halloween Parade 2013
New Canaan Library Stoddard Art Lecture 2013
Woman's Love and Life
Veteran's Day 11-11-13
A Conversation with Reza Aslan, author of
"Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazereth"
Don Hersam and Josh Fisher on the history
of the Advertiser, at the SMC
The Exchange Club's 2013 Senior Center Christmas Luncheon
The Christmas Star
Jeff Benedict talks college football at the NC Library
"Empty Mansions" author Bill Dedman
2014 NC Land Trust Annual Meeting
Police Chief Leon Krolikowski at the SMC
Chamber of Commerce Exec. Dir.Tucker Murphy at the SMC
2014 New Canaan Community Foundation Annual Meeting
Fire Chief Jack Hennessey at the SMC
NC Beautification League "Spring Floral Surprises"
NC Earth Day 4-23-14
The Non Profits of New Canaan
Obamacare Forum with Betsy McCaughey
NC Community Foundation Annual Meeting
NC Inn 2014 Musical Revue
2014 Gridiron Roast of John Hetherington
Memorial Day Parade 2014
NC Preservation Alliance Awards
Bently Elliott at the SMC
Wildflower Meadow
The Art of Frank Townsend Hutchens
National Museum of Art and Sport Exhibit
2014 Oldtimers Awards
NC Inn " The Wild West"
2011 Holiday House Tour
Veteran's Day 2014
Eating with KT in CT
Telehealth Technology 2
Jack Cavanaugh on "Mr.Inside and Mr.Outside"
KT xmas show
The Nutcracker 2014
First Pres. Church Coffee Concert
The Senior Center Christmas Luncheon
First Pres Church Xmas 2014
Beautification League



Government Programs 2014
Board of Selectmen 1-7-14
Combined Budget Meeting 1-13-14
Combined Budget Meeting 1-14-14
Selectmen 1-21-14
Selectmen 1-22-14
Selectmen 1-23-14 part 1
Selectmen 1-23-14 part 2
P and Z 1-28-14
Town Council 1-29-14
Town Council special meeting 1-29-14
Selectmen 1-30-14
Board of Finance 2-4-14
Combined Budget Meeting 2-6-14
Inland Wetlands 2-10-14
Board of Selectmen 2-11-14
Board of Finance 2-12-14
Board of Finance 2-25-14
Town Council 2-26-14
Board of Finance 2-27-14
Board of Finance 3-4-14
Planning & Zoning 3-5-14
Board of Finance 3-11-14
Town Council 3-12-14
Inland Wetlands 3-17-14
Town Council 3-19-14
Planning & Zoning 3-25-14
Town Council 3-26-14
Town Council 3-27-14
Town Council 4-2-14
Board of Finance 4-8-14
Town Council 4-9-14
Inland Wetlands 4-28-14
Planning & Zoning 4-29-14
Board of Selectmen 5-6-14
Board of Finance 5-13-14
Board of Selectmen 5-20-14
Town Council 5-21-14
Planning and Zoning 5-27-14
Board of Selectmen 6-3-14
Planning and Zoning 6-3-14
Inland Wetlands 6-4-14
Board of Finance 6-10-14
Inland Wetlands 6-16-14
Board of Selectmen 6-17-14
Town Council 6-18-14
Board of Selectmen 6-24-14
Planning and Zoning 6-24-14
Board of Selectmen 7-8-14
Town Council 7-16-14
Planning and Zoning 7-30-14
Board of Selectmen 8-5-14
Board of Finance 8-12-14
Board of Finance 8-12-14 - II
Inland Wetlands 8-18-14
Board of Selectmen 8-19-14
Board of Selectmen 8-19-14 - II
Planning & Zoning 8-26-14
Town Council 8-27-14
Board of Finance 9-9-14
Board of Selectmen 9-9-14
Inland Wetlands 9-15-14
Town Council 9-17-14
Planning & Zoning 9-23-14
Board of Selectmen 9-23-14
Planning & Zoning Special Meeting 9-23-14
Board of Selectmen 10-7-14
Board of Finance 10-14-14
Town Council 10-15-14
Inland Wetlands 10-20-2014
Board of Selectmen 10-21-14
2014 Candidates Night Forum 10-21-14
Planning and Zoning 10-28-2014
Board of Selectmen 11-5-14
Board of Finance 11-11-14
Planning and Zoning 11-12-14
Wetlands 11-17-14
Planning and Zoning 11-18-14
Board of Selectmen 11-18-14
Town Council 11-19-14
Planning and Zoning 11-24-14
Board of Selectmen 12-2-14
Board of Finance 12-9-14
Planning and Zoning 12-16-14
Town Council 12-17-14
NC Selectmen 1-8-15